Renderers - Overview

The package @akashacms/renderers consolidates several packages for rendering files used for publishing websites. The package supports a simple API for content rendering, and it interfaces with the API of each supported package.

This package was created to support AkashaRender, the main component of AkashaCMS. But, it was designed to support being used by any other application.

Supported rendering engines are:

Name Extension Description
AsciiDoc .html.adoc Supports AsciiDoctor documents
Markdown Supports Markdown documents
LESS .css.less Supports compiling LESS files to CSS
EJS .html.ejs EJS
Handlebars .html.handlebars Handlebars
JSON .html.json Supports rendering a JSON document through a template to produce HTML
Liquid .html.liquid LiquidJS
Nunjucks .html.njk Nunjucks

The package source is at:

The repository contains files for this website. The website is rendered by GuideCMS, also in the repository, which is a simple static website generation tool. Together they serve as a demonstration of using @akashacms/renderers in a real website project. See: